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  • Barrelling

 The term ‘Barrelling’ is used in poker games to define a series of consecutive betting actions in the odds.

The action folds around to the button and you open the action; only the big blind calls. The flop is produced and you c-bet once checked to; the big blind calls. The turn is produced, the big blind checks and you bet again.
When you bet both flop and turn, as in the example above, this is known as double barreling. When you also bet on the river it is known as triple barrelling. Players also refer to triple barrelling as unloading the clip, in reference to a magazine that has unleashed all of its bullets.
There are two reasons to barrel: For value and as a bluff. For these purposes it is critical to choose starting hands that possess great post flop equity. Not only do these type of hands hit a lot of boards, thus providing you with value, but they also hit a lot of draw heavy boards giving you a lot of semi bluffing action that you can use to barrel along the streets. Facing an opponent who is constantly betting into you is not a nice prospect. You want to be that player.
You open the button with [Ah] [6h] and the big blind calls. The flop is [Kh] [5h] [4c] and the big blind checks. You now have a flush draw (i.e. a hand with equity). You c-bet and the big blind calls. The turn is the [9c] and once again the big blind checks to you. As you still have the possibility of hitting the flush you can now bet again. You do and the big blind calls. The river is the [Jc], and although you missed your hand, you can still bet here because you can represent a strong king type of hand.
Barrelling hands with equity is a powerful lesson to learn.