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  • Play free poker games to win real prizes

When you’re just starting out with online gaming, you don’t always have the funds available to play as often as you’d like. There are plenty of free games to play where you’re playing with virtual coins, and these are fun to play, but any wins feel a little bit hollow compared with when you’re playing for real cash.
However, most gaming sites will offer some level of free gaming where there’s a chance of winning something real – be that free spins on real money slots or other casino games, or small cash prizes.
The way freerolls work differs from site to site. They are poker tournaments which players can enter for free, but in the knowledge that there is a real prize to aim for – be that a cash amount or a ticket to enter a larger poker tournament.
For novice poker players, playing freerolls is a great way to get some serious poker playing practice in, without any financial risk. It’s a great way to get familiar with the poker software and improve your poker skills and strategies. You can take it reasonably seriously as there’s a real prize waiting at the end of it, but then again, you can have some fun too, as you don’t actually have anything to lose.
For the sites offering freerolls, they can encourage players to get playing more seriously, and obviously the hope is that freeroll players will decide to put down a cash deposit and begin playing more frequently. For the player, they can build up a bankroll from zero investment if they play well. It also allows them to develop decent skills before going up against the more serious competition you could meet at any online poker game these days.
One drawback with freerolls is that some people register to play, but then don’t turn up – they have not actually put down any cash, so there’s less of an obligation on them to show up to play. So, it happens occasionally that you’ll only have one other player at the table with you, which makes the game less enjoyable. However, a plus is that play is usually pretty pacy as people are a little more relaxed when they have nothing to lose, so there’s lots of excitement in these free roll tournaments.  And once you have played the early levels, you’ll find that the standard of play improves as only those players taking it seriously are left in with a chance to win.
For a poker newbie, freerolls are a great way to develop your skills and if you’ve no cash to play with, it can be a great way to get started. Try it out today – what have you got to lose?