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  • Blackberry Blackjack Gambling For Real Wins

What do Blackberry phones, the game of blackjack, and a crowded bus have in common? The fact that they work together extremely well! There are many Blackberry blackjack games and special apps that can be used to play the game of “21” for real money no matter where you are, as long as you have a decent connection to the Internet and a free hand to tap a couple of buttons.

The amazing development of Internet-based casinos has been followed by the birth of mobile casino utilities. From there, the step to getting inside the homes, pockets, or, better said, palms of a large number of players wasn’t a difficult one and now there are millions of worldwide casino gamblers who rather use their mobile devices to play their favorite games. The game of blackjack online is undoubtedly one of the most popular releases of all virtual facilities on the web and using your Blackberry to play it has never been easier.


Types Of Blackjack Online For Mobile Users


Smart phone users get to enjoy the perks of playing mobile games whenever they might be – they can use their Blackberry browser to gain access instant to their favorite version of the game – be it classic, Surrender, Switch, and even progressive blackjack with some casinos. The classic version of the game involves gamblers playing against the dealer alone, trying to reach the 21 value without exceeding it (without boosting) and also while having a value that is superior to the one that the dealer has managed to gather.


General Blackberry Blackjack Game Rules: Switch, Progressive, Surrender


The Switch variety is very similar to the classic one, except for the following aspect: each player is dealt two hands, and not one, like it happens in the classic game, and gamblers are permitted to switch the top two they see between hands. The classic game has a 3:2 payout for natural blackjack (reaching 21 with exactly two cards), while for the blackjack online Switch version of the game, 1:1 covers natural blackjack.

Progressive Blackberry blackjack games are additional variations of the standard game of blackjack that enable gamblers to use progressive sidebets and up to six decks of cards to be played with, so the game might require an enhanced degree of attention on behalf of players who are less experienced.        

The blackjack online Surrender variant enables gamblers to surrender their hand and automatically lose half of their original wager. Why would players want to do that? Because some hands are just so bad that having the chance to surrender and only lose half of their money seems an excellent opportunity.  


Blackberry Blackjack Games – Picking The Best


Choosing the best Blackberry blackjack games is a matter of finding the most reputable mobile casinos that are also offering the game to Blackberry users. Pick a game and play it using the browser on your phone, no download required, or install an app that will allow you play both online and offline – both in fun mode and for real wins.