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Learn How To Successfully Trick The Casino

You might not exactly be a genuine follower of the whole “trick the casino” trend that has been going on for decades in pretty much all gambling institutions you might have heard of; as a matter of fact, you might be considering some of the casino cheats you have been hearing about quite dangerous and illegal or illegitimate, and you are not planning on seeing them put into practice anytime soon – at least, not by your own hands. In reality, most of the casino tricks your friends are probably already suing are perfectly legal and they have nothing to do with the fraud-type of casino cheats you might be afraid of using. Learning how to trick the casino the “clean way” means knowing what sort of casinos to be looking after, what kind of games to be playing and what sorts of tricks to be suing during gambling. So special cheating devices, no hidden cameras and mics, no friends to help you out , no illegal card counting – we are going to let you in on some legal casino tricks you should soon start to make full use of. Tricking the casino also means knowing how prevent the casino from tricking you first, by casting some dense fog over your vision and preventing you from going home whenever you feel you are out of luck or put of inspiration, for instance.         

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Trick The Casino With Some Simple Casino Cheats  

Let us take video poker, for example, and see which specific casino cheats would go best with this particular game. First of all, it is recommended you stay away from 6/5 machines and stick to playing using 8/5 machines, provided these particular machines are progressive types of machines. You should also think about opting for a bonus poker machine, and go for 9/6 machines also. Some specialists claim the fact that it is best to play the maximum coins, and to never throw away a winning hand. These are, on short, some of the best video poker casino tricks you could be suing- they are perfectly legit and they should not get you into any sort of trouble, provided you decide to go ahead and use them. If we were to examine slot machine games, we are going to have to say that one-payline slot machines that feature three reels and two-coin features are some of the best machines you could think about opting for. Professional slot machine gamblers recommend folks to stay away from 3-coin machines – except for the case when these machines are progressive. Playing the maximum number of coins and choosing those particular machines that are displaying the “double up” sign are also some pretty awesome casino cheats you could be testing in direct relation to your all-time favorite slot machine games. Keeping a close eye on machines that are showing off 97.4% or better returns and choosing to play slot machine games between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Staying away from nickel slot machines is another tricks that could help you learn how to trick the casino.