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Playboy slots are prone to turn into some of the most eagerly awaited and highly praised games of the summer. They can definitely turn up the heat several notches once they will reach the homes and computers or mobile touch screens of millions of slot passionate all over the world. The popular Playboy brand has decided to work together with one of the gambling industry giants and their end results are impressive, to say the least.  


     Allslots - Playboy Slots Online    


Introducing The Game: Playboy Slots

The slots online game that is displaying the Playboy logo is comprised of 234 winning opportunities and 5 different reels. If you are already familiar with the Playboy mansion or the Playboy lifestyle in general, you are definitely going to find the rewards within this game extremely pleasant. Expect to find the lovely maidens of the Playboy mansion and let them help you get closer to those bonus rounds, free spins, or huge jackpot of the game.

For those players who are more interested in the quality of the sounds and graphics this slots online game comes accompanies by, the news are looking really good. The high degree of quality, attention to detail, ad respect for player’s desires have all worked together, resulting in a top-notch product waiting to be tested and fully enjoyed by slot players of all levels.


Target Audience – Slots Online

No matter if you are a huge Playboy fan ever since you can remember or you are more into slots slots and you are curious about sexy slots games in general, this is your moment of glory. Expect nothing less than the high degree of sensuality and beauty the Playboy brand has built its reputation on across the years. The gorgeous ladies wearing cute bikinis, the cheeky calendars, or the high speed cars you should be able to discover within this game are just a few of the symbols inserted there. Multipliers, frees spins, free bonus options are also part of the package. Choose your own assistant out of the four Playboy maidens and discover their free spin bonuses that could vary from 10 up to 25 such free spins. Also, do an excellent job at entraining any of the four lovely girls and you shall be nicely rewarded with a cool bonus feature, along with 5x multipliers.          

Special Playboy Slots Features

The Rolling Reels, the Wild Night, or the Running Wilds are just a few of the most exciting extra game features you could be looking forward to. Turn all the reels with one special spin and win the huge jackpot or enjoy Kimi’s 10 free spins and 5Xx multipliers. Sofia’s 15 free spins, accompanied by the Running Wilds game feature, Jillian’s 25 free spins along with the Wild Night option, or Ashley’s 20 free spins, plus her one of a kind Rolling Reels feature.

Playboy slots can be played with a great number of top casinos on the web and if you are ready to try them out for the summer, we encourage you to get them while they’re hot.