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  • Playboy Video Slots Online

If you are interested in finding out which are the very best video slots games you could be playing at the moment, the Playboy choice could provide you with the inspiration you need. In case you have never actually been a fan of the game of slots so far, but you are well acquainted with the Playboy brand and you would like to take it out for a spin, we recommend you check out these next few lines.


Sexy Video Slots Online

Try out the Playboy slots game option – the fun is guaranteed, the game features some extraordinary graphics and the lovely Playboy maidens are there to ensure your stay will be most pleasant. Free bonus options, free spins, special game multipliers, cool bonus prizes, and an amazing jackpot. Play using the five sexy Playboy assistants, entertain them properly and take advantage of the 243 ways to win this game has incorporated, like other similar ones. The Playboy brand is well-known for its sensuality and beauty, and the black and gold graphics, the elegant touch, the vividly colored designs and game graphics, all of these are making the game much more pleasing to watch and play.


Game Play - Playboy Slots Game

The Playboy video slots game has 5 reels, so passionate video slot game players who enjoy the 5-reel option are going to find it particularly appealing. Playboy models Kimi, Jillian, Sofia, and Ashley have been digitally created and they seem extremely realistic even for the untrained eye that is not used to the Playboy universe. As a players progresses through the game, he will get to move from one gorgeous assistant to the next one. This way, a player gets to unlock more free spins and extra game features that each of these ladies comes with. And the promise of a huge jackpot worth 1,215,000 coins is definitely another highly attractive feature of this game.  


Playboy Slots Game – Too Hot For You?

 Some players might argue that sexy slot games usually tend to distract their attention away from the actual game play. Hence, they fail to play properly play and end up losing more than they could be actually winning. The video slot game that Microgaming giant has recently released on the market tends to at least partially solve this problem. It treats game sexiness in a different manner and it still holds on to its world-famous sensuality, while not being too obvious about it. It is more of a feel the game manages to create, rather than explicitly sexy images and scenes. Players get the chance to actually focus on their next game decisions, rather than being completely bewildered by some sexy Playboy models.  

No matter how experienced or less experienced you might be when it comes to playing video slot games, you are prone to find the Playboy game quite rewarding, especially thanks to the wilds and scatter symbols spread all over the game. If classy adult fun is what you are looking for, do not hesitate to give the Playboy slots game the shot it deserves.