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  • Trends for 2014 Online Casinos

And now, we’ll take a chance to lift up above individual reviews of casino brands and hot spots, and gain perspective about this awesome new year of gaming. 2014, for reasons you may not have thought about yet, will blow minds.

But, we would point out, it’s our whole global Internet culture  that is really blowing all our minds, right? Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are part of it, too, of course.

The trends upon us this year are all based upon squeezing more and more performance and features into these games. It’s all quite natural that after so much innovation with software and devices (Android, Apple iOS, Windows 8, Blackberry 10, Kindle Fire OS) the designers are going to start using all that!

Games like Movies

Studios like Net|Ent (that’s Internet Entertainment, note) from Sweden are pushing the boundaries and limits of what an online slot feels like to play. Have you been on a 3D-animated slot machine yet? The next question, is whether you’ve played a Net|Ent slot.

The trend will be more advanced graphics, taking advantages of new chips in computers but especially in mobile phones. More RAM memory is going into these devices, and graphics power, which is making them very quick indeed.

Live Casino Unleashed

The inevitable result of so much technical power is, finally, the rise of Live Casino action offered at most casinos. This technology will continue to flourish, with better windows to the live dealers and spinners, and more contact as you play.

It is not unreasonable to think that within a short time we will think of online casino as live gaming and the majority of games at this moment will be old-school.

Look to hot game sources like the 888 Group, making in-house titles and innovating with live. The top brands, Playtech and Microgaming, already offer standard live selections.

Let’s Socialise, Baby

How can we not discuss social casino? It’s already influencing all the games. Social-network powered games like those already found in Facebook’s UK site offer real cash casino, with all the fun benefits of having your Friends online with you.

Basic features like user profiles, pictures, gifts, followers, tournament teams, and so forth are all becoming normal today. Think how much more social our casino experiences will be by the end of 2014!

So Much to See

Lastly, along with all these big waves we’ve talked about, there is another thing right under our noses. With the expansion of casinos and software, there are many, many more choices, no?

In that jungle of choices, we’ll be seeing many more guide sites popping up to serve various niches, groups of players who want certain things. For example, there are those who want bonuses, game selection, mobile simplicity and so on. The market is deep enough to address each group individually.

Matter of fact, we have proof of all the great help out there, since new casinos online for 2014 is a topic that other fine sites are clarifying and sorting out, too!